New Jason Hammond Novel ‘The Nevada Testament’ Out Now

At long last, the second installment of the Jason Hammond series of conspiracy thrillers, which began with 2013’s hit Frame 232, is available!

From the jacket flap—


LAS VEGAS, NOVEMBER 1970—In a darkened suite on the top floor of the Desert Inn, billionaire Howard Hughes gives his last will and testament to twenty-year-old Chase Wheeler. Just over a week later, Hughes’s minders abruptly move him out of Las Vegas in the middle of the night, and Chase Wheeler vanishes without a trace.

PRESENT DAY—Demolition expert Randy Miller discovered forty eight pages of Hughes’s rough notes just hours before the Desert Inn was imploded. Still in financial straits due to the Great Recession, Randy and his wife Jeanine decide to put a few of the pages on eBay. Days later, the Miller family is attacked by a gunman who wants them all. The Millers take their children into hiding and contact the only person they feel they can trust—Jason Hammond.  

Jason reads through the cryptic notes and realizes they contain a great deal of information about Hughes’s legendary lost will. If discovered now, it would endow certain people with great fortune while stripping it from others—more than adequate motivation for someone to bring a professional killer into the equation. But the situation is far from that simple, and Jason’s investigation eventually leads him to the chilling truth behind the economic decline of America’s working classes—and the terrifying reality that those responsible for it aren’t done yet….