Izzy Jeen the Big-Mouth Queen

The ‘Izzy Jeen’ series chronicles the life of Isabella Jean Marino—a precocious, opinionated, and often hotheaded eight-year-old American girl. She has a reputation among those in her universe as one who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, hence the nickname (which appeared on her classroom chalkboard one morning—and Izzy still has no idea who did it).

Although she has always been a bit on the emotional side, she is now entering the stage of development where logic and reason occasionally figure into her thinking as well. This has enabled her to better understand and work through the many challenges she faces every day. She still turns to her basest instincts when a problem first arises. But after a time—and usually with a little guidance from those who know that a wonderful heart beats under that spiky exterior—she sets her temperamental urges aside and puzzles out the most effective course of action. In turn, the young readers of the series will also learn that reaching for the most immediately satisfying reaction is rarely the path to untangling any dilemma.


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