The Kid from Planet 27

Logan Lewis may seem like an ordinary third-grader on the surface, but he’s not. He’s from Kepri—the 27th planet from our sun—and he’s here with his mom and dad on a mission to figure out why we humans behave the way we do. The Keprians have determined that we’re getting close to discovering their world, so they need to ‘figure us out.’

In each story, Logan witnesses some form of human behavior among his classmates that puzzles him, then goes about investigating it. His parents help when and where they can (although they’re just as befuddled by human adults), but the person who provides the most insight is usually his next-door neighbor, Abby Parker. Abby’s the same age as Logan (or supposedly so—Logan’s actually 158 in Earth years) and the only person who knows Logan’s true identity.

Over the course of Logan and Abby’s adventures, young readers will come to understand why people sometimes act in unsettling ways, and in turn become more tolerant of the fact that we are far from perfect—but as long as we strive to overcome our flaws, we’ll keep moving in the right direction.


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