The Nevada Testament Is Here!

The eBook of The Nevada Testament—the followup to Wil’s bestselling, award-winning Frame 232—is available NOW exclusively through Amazon by clicking HERE.

If you would like to read the Prologue and first two chapters, click HERE.

Some other important points—

• This exclusive Amazon release has a low introductory price of just $3.99 for a short time only, so you are encouraged to get it now!
• The eBook will be available through all other major retailers (Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Google Books, etc.) on Monday, December 5. The physical book will release early in 2017 (exact date to be announced).
• The reason for the November 24—i.e., Thanksgiving—release date is in observance of the 50th anniversary of Howard Hughes’s arrival in Las Vegas, which was on Thanksgiving Day, 1966.
• ‘The Nevada Testament’ is the first in a three-book set featuring Jason Hammond and company. The trilogy will form a large and continuous story arc.
• In response to what is probably the most frequently asked question about ‘The Nevada Testament’—“Will Jason have a love interest?”—the answer is yes. It will not be Sheila Baker from ‘Frame 232’, however, but an entirely new character.
• If you didn’t catch the entry a few weeks ago featuring information on the ‘Nevada’ storyline, please click HERE.